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Nylon Rope Hawser Laid 3 Strand
Price RM437.80 - RM3,884.00 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
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Nylon Rope

Nylon/Polyamide is a very strong synthetic man made fiber and having a very long history since 1935 invented by Wallace Carothers. It was first presented as for the toothbrush bristle and later on became a replacement for silk fabrics and traditional ropes. Nylon is also one of the strongest rope materials available without the extra expenditure of Dyneema and such like. The strong shock absorption characteristic makes it ideal for rope access line, mooring line and towing etc. High stretch which means long elongation prevent snubbing issues and greater breaking strength compare to polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene. The only downside is that the strength will reduced slightly when wet at the rate of 5 to 7%. Nevertheless, It is excellent to against UV and abrasion.


Technical Specification :-

  • Material: Polyamide. Abbreviation PA
  • Specific Gravity: 1.14 Sinks
  • Resistance to Acid: Resists weak solutions
  • Resistance to Alkali: Good
  • Resistance to Solvents: Good but soluable in some.
  • Resistance to Heat: Up to 130°C Short exposure
  • Resistant to UV: Good
  • Resistance to abrasion: Very Good
  • Affected by Moisture: Absorbs 1-7% and loses 5-10% strength when wet
  • Stretch: Very high (16-27% at break). Creep: Slight under load.
  • Knot holding: Excellent in matt ropes
  • Washing temperature: 50-60°C
  • Approximate Melting Point: 215°C


Specifications :-

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