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RM103.40 - RM579.90 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
6X12+FC & 6X24+FC Fibre Core RHOL TS1570N/MM2 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope
Price RM103.40 - RM579.90 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
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Wire Rope Nominal Diameter and Construction

6 X 12+FC and 6 X 24+FC Galvanized Steel Wire Rope have high flexibility characteristic grant by its inner Fibre core and cross lay configuration. The Fibre core could be natural fibre or synthetic fibre. These two type of wire rope (refer to 6 X 12+FC & 6 X 24+FC) are commonly used in low load winch or hoist and fishing rope for they high fatigue resistant, flexibility and corrosion resistant surface finishing. The downside of Fibre core wire rope is low resist to crushing force, low breaking strength compare to steel core wire rope. Strictly avioded for lifting purposes.


Constructions Count :

6x12(FC+12) FC load bearing outer wires 72

6x24(FC+9+15) or (FC+12+12) FC load bearing outer wires 144


Lay Type :

Right hand Regular Lay 



  • Fishing Rope
  • Static Load Securing
  • Lashing
  • Towing
  • Low Load Hoist and Winch


Brand Available:

  • DSR


Remarks :

*Not suitable for wire rope sling and use of swivel is not permitted 


Technical Information:




Mill certificate with class certification from Manufacturer/Importer

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