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8XK26 IWRC Compacted Non-Rotational Plastic Impregnated TS2160N/MM2 Ungalvanized Steel Wire Rope
Price RM9,999.00 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
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8XK26 is a compacted 8 strand. non-rotation resistant, IWRC core made of regular strands and plastic coated internally. It is highly recommended for the application where severe wear and fatigue requirement. Plastic coated core prevents the possibility of avrasive dust, dirt , water or corrosive material might penetrate to the rope during operation which results longer lifespan. Superior crushing resistance and ideal for multi-layer spooling operation. Compacted 8 strands giving it greater surface contact and significantly reduce the sheave wear. 


Construction Count :

8XK26 IWRC (10-5+5-5-1) outer wires 152-288 (RCN according to ISO4309)


Lay Type :

Left or Right hand Lay, Regular or Langs Lay 


Application :

  • Luffing wire
  • Multi-part reeving hoist application
  • Boom pendant wire


Brand Available :

  • USHA 


Remarks :

*Not suitable for wire rope sling
*Use with swivel is permitted and will not reduce the strength


Technical Information :



Mill certificate with class certification from Manufacturer/Importer